About us

Our Credo

Building what matters. Together.

We follow an iterative and data-driven approach to create new products and businesses. We continuously challenge and re-evaluate product concepts, business models and ecosystems.

We believe our purpose and values are what unites and guides us. 1648 Factory stands for collaboration, authenticity, excellence, and diversity. We welcome different perspectives, bring our whole selves to work, and collaborate closely towards common goals.

We are convinced that every organisation can learn to innovate and know that sustainable change takes time.

We bet on innovation. Do you?

Our Story

  • The story

    1648 Factory is a “Digital Native” and remote-first company but physically docked in the old industrial port of the city of Münster. In 1648, the “Peace of Westphalia” signed in Münster ended the Thirty Years’ War and installed a new world order. We have incorporated this number in our name as a compass towards a better future, even if we are not quite as ambitious as the idea of a new world order.

  • The start

    It all started with our talented engineers, developers, designers, and project managers in our hub in Lviv. Our digital service devision remains the largest division of our company, which is based in a beautiful former jewish muesum and Qahal (jewish cultural space) in Lviv.

  • The factory

    No mass production here but rather an homage to Andy Warhol's studios in the famous New York lofts, where he brought together “superstars” from different backgrounds to produce new ideas.

  • The team

    Today, 1648 consists of a core team and a network of world-class experts, serial entrepreneurs, and talent from a wide range of fields including retail, lifestyle, engineering and architecture, marketing, and web design. We came together to create ventures and products, providing a new order for businesses.

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