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What we do

We make founders successful

We match the most promising founders and ideas. We explore the mega-trends, industries, and business models where solutions are most needed and apply a data-driven research approach to develop new start-up ideas.
The founders joining our program benefit from our cross-industry network, tailored coaching, and the support of our strong team. All the way from the first spark of an idea to becoming a market leader.
By constantly challenging the ideas and ourselves, we increase the success rates of our start-ups and the ROI for investors.
Sponsored programs

We create attractive investment opportunities

Our programs are sponsored by carefully selected partners. These organisations design and shape the accelerator with us and are granted a first right to invest at pre-seed or seed stage before the start-ups access our broader investor network.
Together with our partner Aschendorff NEXT we built LAB 1720. This program is end-to-end, covering the disciplines of an incubator and accelerator. It supports entrepreneurs with the resources they need to build scalable digital businesses - including joint investments by Aschendorff NEXT and 1648 Factory. LAB 1720 is industry agnostic; our current portfolio includes start-ups in PropTech, recruiting, sustainability and future of work.
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How we work

Our blueprint to innovation

  • 1. Idea funnel

    Following a data-driven approach to developing ideas

  • 2. Quick-check

    Completing an initial validation of prioritised ideas, focused on the biggest risks

  • 3. Ideation

    Conducting rigorous research and testing to validate problem-solution fit
  • 4. Inception

    Turning ideas into validated venture concepts.
  • 5. Incubation & launch

    Building the venture and bring to market
  • 6. Scale

    Scaling and commercializing the venture

We put founders first

We believe talent is the key ingredient in a successful start-up. If an idea doesn't make it through our rigorous stage gates, founders can repeat our process with other ideas. Founders can join us with their own ideas or be matched with one in our idea funnel.


End-to-end support

We meet founders where they are on their journey. You are welcome to join the program whether you have only a first spark of an idea or if you have already built your first prototypes. We will partner with you all the way form ideation to launch and scale and anywhere in between.


KPI-driven process

Our rigorous process has been tested with partners and start-ups across industries. Our goal-oriented process tracks KPIs in every phase to increase the success rates for our founders and the ROI for our sponsors.


We share the risk

From day one of the program, founders receive all the support they need to turn their idea into a successful digital business. We provide Design, Venture Architecture and Engineering resources as well as dedicated coaching and financial support, so you can focus all your energy on your start-up.


Remote-working community

We are a remote-first program but it doesn't mean that we miss out on the community. As digital natives, we nurture both our ideas and our diverse network. Regular virtual community events, peer to peer exchange and our hubs keep us connected.

Founders wanted!

At Lab1720, we support both experienced and first-time founders who have the drive and grit it takes to turn an idea into a business. If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you.

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Future programs

Innovation? You own it

If this sounds like a great opportunity to engage with the start-up scene and get access to early investment opportunities, we would love to hear from you. Partnering up with us will provide you with a fully managed end-to-end and KPI-driven Accelerator.

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