Building ventures.
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What we do

We help organisations build new ventures

Due to their unique domain expertise, organisations are fertile ground for lucrative ideas that are waiting to be realized. To advance an idea from concept to business requires a holistic, entrepreneurial approach and the right balance of rigour and risk.

Our venture builder provides all the capabilities needed to ideate, validate, build, and scale new digital businesses. Through rapid experimentation and proof of concepts, we de-risk innovation and increase speed to market while ensuring sustainable growth.

Our team includes successful start-up entrepreneurs and experienced corporate executives.

We combine the pace and agility of the start-up world with the assets and domain knowledge of our partners.
How we work

Our blueprint for venture success

Our Venture Building process and tools have been tried and tested with partners across industries,
including VC, mobility, construction, media and professional services.

  • 1. Strategy

    Develop a strategic plan and environment for ventures to thrive

  • 2. Ideation

    Generate and validate ideas for proposed ventures
  • 3. Inception

    Convert ideas into validated venture concepts
  • 4. Incubation & Launch

    Build and launch the new venture
  • 5. Scale

    Scale ventures into sustainable and viable businesses
  • 6. Portfolio Services

    Manage the venture portfolio and realize strategic synergies
Why partners work with us

We work differently

Cycles 1 We support all the way

We can jump in at any stage of a new venture. From the first glimpse of an idea to taking it to market or fixing a scaling challenge.


Partner We take a bet with you

We only build ventures we truly believe in and offer to invest with you. If desired, we also leverage our investor network to raise the required funds for the venture to scale.


Long Term We follow a proven process

Our process and tools have been tried and tested with partners across industries, including VC, mobility, construction, media and professional services, and can be delivered fully remotely.


Care 4 We take a holistic approach

Ventures require the parent organisation's support to be successful. We provide experienced change management and people leaders to help the organisation adopt new mindsets and solutions.


Take the bet on innovation with us

Let's discuss how your business will look like in 5 years.

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Our work

Hall of fame

E-mobility Velio

Coming from the German bicycle capital Münster, one of our heart-projects is Velio with our partner Storck Bicycle. The one-stop-shop marketplace for bikes, especially e-bikes, provides the major added value of blockchain-driven data collection, providing e.g. price and quality controls.

Social Media Advertising yeew

yeew is a tool we created together with Aschendorff NEXT enabling SMEs to advertise online easily, quickly, and efficiently - one adapter in all channels. This adapter offers a central instance as a uniformly simple and functional tool, where the user should be able to achieve a lot with clear and as few as possible setting options.

Innovate businesses with us

We take a deep dive into the needs and challenges of our clients and reimagine what we find. Become part of our diverse team, achieving a huge learning curve.

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