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Who fits the program?

Our Ideal Ambassador

An Ambassador is a freelance consultant who is 100% incentivized by a share of the referred contact value.

  • has strong industry connections or/and regional network
  • has access to relevant company decision-makers
  • can effectively promote the 1648 Factory brand
  • understands the benefits of using 1648 Factory services
Lead opportunities

1648 Factory Services

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Team Extension

We help organizations to build products by providing everything a product needs to come to life: top-notch architects, engineers, testing experts, and product managers.

Client Profile:

  • Start-ups and Corporates
  • 10~500 employees, up to 500M in revenue
  • Industry: any, except governmental
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Venture Building

We partner with organisations to build a single venture - supporting from idea generation and validation to launching & scaling the venture.

Client Profile:

  • Hidden Champions
  • Business Angels and Family Offices
  • Private clubs or institutions
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Venture Labs

Our Venture Labs are programs to ideate and build multiple ventures with internal or external teams. 1648 helps with the set-up and (if desired) operations.

Client Profile:

  • CVC/ VC with focus on (pre-) seed
  • Business Angels and Family offices
  • SME -> Corporates
  • Professional sport clubs
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Ideation Workshop

We partner with you in a workshop to ideate new venture ideas, product features or business models based on the pain points of your target group.

Client Profile:

  • Organisation looking for new venture ideas in their industry
  • Organisation that need an outside perspective to define and adapt a business model
  • Organisation that want to adapt or develop new digital product
Next steps

How to Become an Ambassador

To become a part of our ambassador program, all you need to do is fill out our simple application form and have a quick chat with us. You'll then get access to our platform, share your unique sales link with relevant contacts you know, and then watch as we turn your referrals into paying customers.

Apply & Onboarding

After you fill out the application form, we will review it and you may be invited for an interview. During this interview we discuss the program and your fit. Once we both agree, we send you a registration link to access your unique sales link, an onboarding package and add you to our community.

Identify Lead

Ambassador identifies a lead in its network and discusses the benefits & services of 1648 Factory. The lead is interested in a digital call with 1648 representatives. The Ambassador adds the lead to their referral account and introduces the lead to 1648 factory via email with all relevant information.

Convert Lead

1648 Factory discusses sales deals with referred leads and convert them into active clients. The Ambassador can be part of the discussion, if the Ambassador or lead wishes so.

Sign Deal

1648 Factory signs a sales contract with the referred lead. You can see the sales progress in your referral dashboard.

Get Paid

As soon as 1648 receives the first payment the commission payments start.


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    After you apply, we'll review your application and may invite you for an interview.

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    Upon approval, you will receive an onboarding package, a registration link to access your referral dashboard.