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1648 Factory Services


Team Extension

We help organizations to build products by providing everything a product needs to come to life: top-notch architects, engineers,testing experts, and product managers.

Client Profile:

  • Start-ups and Corporates
  • 10~500 employees, up to 500M in revenue
  • Industry: any, except governmental

Venture Building

We partner with organisations to build a single venture - supporting from idea generation and validation to launching & scaling the venture.

Client Profile:

  • Hidden Champions
  • Business Angels and Family Offices
  • Private clubs or institutions

Venture Labs

Our venture Labs are programs to ideate and build multiple ventures with internal or external teams. 1648 helps with the set-up and (if desired) operations.

Client Profile:

  • CVC/ VC with focus on (pre-) seed
  • Business Angels and Family offices
  • SME -> Corporates
  • Professional sport clubs

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