1648 Factory

From the tranquil Münster in Germany, we’ve become a global leader in our space.

Our people are the engine room behind this, and the driving force that will oversee the next chapter of our exciting journey to realize our ambitious plans for the future.

We’re strong believers in the link between your personal wellbeing and making great things happen in your job. So we’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel healthy, empowered and fulfilled, every day, with the chance to enjoy a greater work-life balance, be a part of key decisions and truly accelerate your career.But don’t just take our word for it!

Discover the perks of working here!

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Open Positions

Career opportunities

Looking for your next challenge? We’re always on the lookout for industry experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.

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Currently, we do not have any open positions, but it’s only a matter of time. Please, leave your contacts below, we will let you know when there’s an opening for you.

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What we do for you


We're a global team, so remote work is key. But we also have on-site meetings and culture initiatives.

Attractive projects

Joining 1648 Venture Studio means exciting projects and potential to become a founder or early employee in one of our ventures.

Work and Learn

We aid employee skill development by refunding costs for training materials, workshops, and courses.

Work-life integration

Our team has the freedom to work flexible hours and maintain a healthy work-life integration.


Our world map

We are a remote-first company. But love our hubs, too.

Empire State Building with tall buildings
New York, US
142 W 57th St
a crowd of people in a city
Muenster, Germany
Hammer Strasse 165
a group of people working in an office
Lviv, Ukraine
Street Sholom Aleihema 12

Our goal is to help you create sustainable value for your customers, investors, and team members. Our global talent network solves the most difficult part of building a great company - scaling your team.







Our team

Some of the people you’ll be working with

Our team is made up of passionate, driven individuals who are dedicated to excellence in their work. They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and creativity to every project they work on.


What our employees are saying

Working at 1648 Venture Studio is fulfilling due to its collaborative and innovative culture. The outstanding team comprises diverse, skilled, and motivated individuals who share values and work together to bring new ideas to life. At 1648 Venture Studio, there is no politics, and everyone is encouraged to share their ideas freely, creating a sense of camaraderie among the team

Director Venture Studio
Director Venture Studio
Christian Lang

In our recent team reflection, we confirmed that our team is exceptional due to our creativity, authenticity, passion, and honesty. We enjoy building impact-driven ventures together and having fun. I appreciate 1648 Venture Studio for offering us 100% trust and flexibility to work in environments that suit us best, enabling us to perform at our best and feel comfortable doing so.

Venture Program Lead
Venture Program Lead
Larissa Piening

I am grateful to work in a working environment as encouraging for great minds and ideas as the Venture Studio at 1648 Factory. The exceptional team facilitates the launch of meaningful ventures while promoting authenticity, trust, and fun! Especially the trust that was placed in me from the beginning and the opportunities that come with the variety of working models help me to work at my full potential.

Venture Architect
Venture Architect
Paul Bögemann
Our Process

What to expect

Join our team and unleash your full potential by applying now

Intro call

A quick chat with one of our Tech Recruiters to get to know you a little better.


An interview to learning more about your technical and team experiences.

Technical task

Finalists complete a multi-day task
(we pay for your time).

Offer discussion

We offer you to have a virtual cup of coffe with one of our teammates, if this helps you to make a decision.

Get in touch

Ready to take the next step? Fill out our open application form to get in touch with us and explore opportunities!