Streamline Building Your Product


Easily adjust the size and composition of your teams based on changing business needs. Quickly ramp up for a specific project.

Cost Savings

Only pay for the skills and expertise you need, when  you need it. This can result in significant Immediate cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees.


Access hard-to-find specialized skills and expertise. Useful for companies working on cutting-edge technologies or complex projects.


Product Development, Engineering, and Growth

We offer services and top talent to help businesses drive innovation, build exceptional products, and accelerate growth.

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Product & Design

Our team of experienced Product Designers, Product Managers, and Business Analysts can take on projects of any scale and complexity or collaborate closely with your in-house team to achieve your desired outcomes.

Development & Testing

Our highly skilled Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers and QA specialists create the best digital product and help to maintain an intended quality level of the production process to its delivery.

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Marketing & Growth

Our Marketers, Web Analysts, Communication Designers work together to create a comprehensive digital strategy that helps your business stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Our process

How We Work

We follow a comprehensive process to understand your needs, provide a clear proposal, and deliver exceptional products that meet your requirements.

Book a Call

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and how our products can meet them.

Discuss Specifics

During the conversation , we will ask questions to understand your requirements and pain points in detail.

Proposal for Budget and Timeline

Based on the gathered information, we will provide a proposal outlining the budget and timeline for the project.

Execution and Delivery

Once the proposal is accepted, our team will begin working on the project according to the agreed-upon timeline and deliver the completed product to you.


Expertise-Driven Solutions

Our team has extensive experience in e-commerce, blockchain, analytical applications and sports.



Aquaty is the first solution digitising the entire venture investment process, starting in the pre-seed stage.



Velio is a platform for everything related to your bike. From buying, selling and managing your bike, everything you need is just one click away.



Skillreveal can help you build your product or business with a talent pool of top engineers, designers, product managers and marketing managers. ​



Enabling change in real estate. Prepair uncovers the values and risks of real estate - today and in the future.



AdOnce provides simple and easy smartphone advertising to small and medium-sized businesses.



Modulu is a new player in the education technology industry that address the biggest challenges in education. Through the use of artificial intelligence and a variety of interactive learning content, modulu aims to enable accessible, engaging and transformative education to unlock the full potential of every learner



Advantage connects players, coaches, clubs, and leagues on a single platform.Get your game on.



Jobmine is a job searching platform for blue collar workers. Create your profile from your mobile phone and employers will apply to you. No CV, no cover letter, no uploads!



Otark is a digital marketplace that directly connects sellers and buyers of renewable energy by skipping the intermediaries. With its end-2-end approach Otark allows for an easy matchmaking-, a secure contracting- and a fast energy delivery process.



TheraClub offers a high-quality franchise concept for physiotherapy and osteopathy and designs digitized practices for tomorrow.


What Our Clients are Saying

As non-technical founder, 1648's assistance was immense and has unquestionably increased our chances of success.

Bruno L.

Great web3 developers! Their team was able to work quickly on a very time sensitive project and managed to develop a stunning masterpiece.

Sebastian O.

The team assembled by 1648 exceeded my expectations. There are zero communication gaps. The placements were a fluid extension of my in-house team.

Rob H.

We were able to speed up product delivery while heavily reducing costs. 1648 has been hands down the best partner for talent we have met.

Christian L.

Frequently Asked

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Do you offer support and maintenance after a product is launched?
Can I combine multiple services for my project?
What is the cost of working with your team?
How long does it take to see results from your services?

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    We submit a comprehensive project proposal. It may include estimates, timelines, lists of CVs, etc., for a particular situation;

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    The team assembled for your IT project can start delivering within ten business days.